cob|web «KOB WEHB», noun, adjective, verb, -webbed, -web|bing.
1. a) the web or net spun by a spider to capture its prey: »

The fly was caught in a cobweb spun over a window in the barn.

b) the stuff it is made of. c) a single thread spun by a spider.
2. Figurative. anything thin and slight or entangling like a spider's web: »

The thief had to confess when he was caught in the cobweb of lies that he had spun.

3. Figurative. any musty accumulation or obstruction: »

A course in profound thoughts underlying relativity and quantum mechanics [would] blow away some of the cobwebs which grow in unventilated ivory towers (Atlantic).

thin; like gauze: »

a cobweb veil. Figurative. A cobweb bridge flung from his mind to theirs, an invisible passage (Edith Wharton).

to cover or hang with cobwebs.
[Middle English coppe, short for Old English ātorcoppe spider + web]

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